Be Athletic, and don't not be athletic.

Here at No Names Golf, we feel it's best to keep the game simple, so we simplified it, Be Athletic and don't not be athletic. Follow those two steps, and let the game be your oasis.

Now I know what you think: "ey!" golf is a very complex game with intricate details that require tons of finesse and practice, which is all 100% true for those who are not AAF (Athletic As F**K). Tiger Woods is AAF; your buddy Steve who everyone questions from the parking lot intro is not AAF, scale is now established. Don't be Steve.
Now it's time for the rest of us to be honest with ourselves, yes you, Mr. I, broke 90, but I was single that day, and the cart girl that was flirting with me stole my scorecard; we all know it was really a 105 with three breakfast balls, found range ball on 13, those 2 gimmes from 15', and by cart girl you mean ranger helping you look for your dribbler off the tee, but that's ok!!! Well, not really, but it's great to have goals!

Our goal is to provide tips and keep you entertained along the way to a little less crappy golf game. For those of you who have reached the ultimate zen in golf and accepted 115 and getting goofy all day, we've got you covered, too, with all the information you need to keep your round entertaining and saucy!

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Be Athletic. And don't not be athletic! Before you can start swinging a golf club, let's embrace our inner athlete!
Avg hours of a round of golf
Amount of golf balls each golfer will lose this year
Chances of scoring an eagle
0 X1
Chance of you becoming a better golfer
100 %

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