Who said golf is boring?

cartoon golf ball with face smiling giving thumbs up

Top 10 Drinking Courses in the USA

Golfers Drink 22 Gallons of Alcohol A Year

Top 5 Shots for The Course

Golf is a game of skill, precision, and a dash of adventure. And what better way to add some sizzle to your swing than with a fiery shot of liquor on the golf course?

Baby Powder Beforehand...you get it.

Golf is a game that demands focus, precision, and, let's face it, comfort...

The ShortShank Redemption

Unveiling the frustrating phenomenon of shanking a golf ball, explore the intricacies of this dreaded mishit and gain insights into overcoming it through technique, practice, and mental focus....

What is a Birdie?

Experiencing the euphoria of a birdie in golf is like unlocking a moment of pure elation as the ball gracefully finds its way into the cup, sending a surge of accomplishment and joy through every fiber of your being, reaffirming the magic and addictive allure of the game.

Best Golf Drivers 2023

Introducing the highly anticipated 2023 golf season, where golf enthusiasts and professionals alike eagerly await the unveiling of the best golf driver that will revolutionize the game and set new benchmarks in performance and innovation....

How To Swing a Golf Club

Constructive feedback: It appears that your golf swing may require some adjustments to optimize your performance on the course....